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Most Effective SEO Strategies for 2017

A Simple Explanation of the Most Effective SEO Strategies

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an activity designed to ensure a website can be easily found on a search engine’s results page when a user inputs relevant words and phrases. Unfortunately, some companies that offer SEO services tend to overcomplicate the process by providing technical and often confusing explanations of exactly how SEO works. In reality, SEO can best be explained by understanding the essential elements of a successful campaign.

The Consistent Evolution of SEO

In simple terms, much of the SEO process focuses on understanding and adapting to Google’s search engine dynamics. Google is always looking to improve their customer’s search experience by modifying their algorithm, interface and system deployment. As a result, methods and strategies that used to be effective may be counterproductive in today’s environment. This includes tactics like link farming, excessive anchor text and keyword stuffing. A successful SEO plan is always evolving to meet the challenges of search engine updates.

Optimizing Website Code

When comparing two websites targeting the same audience, the one with the most visual appeal may not be the one that that ranks the highest on Google. Some websites look great, but they are not search engine friendly. Website pages must be indexed correctly and properly optimized to remove broken links, non-functioning pages and other technical impediments. The look and feel of your website should compel visitors to explore its pages and purchase goods and services, but they must be able to find your site before anything else can happen.

Backlink Development

Links from other quality websites to your website are essential for achieving a high page ranking on Google and the other major search engines. In essence, search engines use links as a way to gauge the relative value of different websites. In the past, a large quantity of backlinks was enough to elevate page ranking, but now there are a number of factors that search engines consider when evaluating the quality of a particular link:

  • The relevance or theme of the website linking to yours
  • The reputation of the website linking to you
  • The quality of the anchor text the link is embedded behind

In the today’s environment, it’s crucial to develop a link-building strategy that focuses on finding relevant websites with high quality content.

Finding the Right Niche

In some respects, good SEO is counterintuitive. For example, a general contractor could potentially look for search engine listings in residential, commercial, remodeling, framing and several other contracting-related disciplines. However, focusing SEO efforts on a specific niche and a few targeted keywords can provide better results than trying to find relevance for a variety of marginally related keywords.

The Future of SEO

As each new system upgrade is implemented, Google has made it increasingly clear they value websites that are considered authorities within their respective industries. Although there are many factors that contribute to Google’s perception of a “credible source,” backlinks and website optimization are important keys in developing a successful SEO strategy. Always try to be nimble, alert and flexible in order to stay ahead of the rapidly changing SEO environment.